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In Sharjah, UAE, our gate barrier and automatic gate opener service ensures your property’s security and convenience. With expertise in installation, maintenance, and repair, our technicians provide comprehensive solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial premises. We install high-quality gate barrier systems and automatic gate openers tailored to your security needs, integrating them seamlessly into your property. Regular maintenance keeps your systems running smoothly, while prompt repairs ensure minimal downtime. We also offer upgrades to enhance performance and security, along with 24/7 emergency services for urgent issues. Trust us to keep your gate barriers and automatic gate openers in top condition, providing peace of mind for your property in Sharjah, UAE.

 Parking barriers

FAAC and Magnetic, Nice barriers are known for reliability and extraordinarily long service life and are ideal for apartment buildings and office complexes. Our solutions from leading brands allow easy integration with access control systems and parking management systems. Stebilex System supplies leading boom barriers from FAAC, Magnetic, and Nice and other brands everywhere in UAE.

Control vehicles accessing your facilities in Sharjah UAE with high-performance gate barriers from global security leaders

Control the access of vehicles to your facilities in Sharjah, UAE, with high-performance gate barriers from global security leaders. BFT gate barriers provide robust security solutions, ensuring only authorized vehicles can enter your premises. With advanced features like rapid opening and closing times, reliable operation in extreme weather conditions, and integrated access control systems, BFT gate barriers offer both security and convenience. Whether you need to secure industrial complexes, residential communities, or commercial properties, BFT gate barriers provide a tailored solution

Control vehicles accessing your facilities in Sharjah UAE with high-performance gate barriers from global security leaders

Streamline traffic at vehicle entry points to protect your facilities

Stebilex Systems in, Sharjah, UAE, provides high-performance, durable, and smart barrier gates with diverse beam lengths to cover narrow parking entrances to ultrawide-industrial entrance points or large toll gates. Our boom barriers can be fitted with highly sensitive detection sensors, proximity and UHF cards and fobs readers, number plate credit systems, or payment systems to offer unmatched suitability.

All boom barriers offered by Stebilex Systems in Sharjah, UAE are highly efficient and made by leaders in the corporal security sector like Magnetic and FAAC, Nice. Automated and manual security barriers offered by us suit the needs of a range of facilities including parking lots at shopping malls, airports, stadiums, hotels, public places, and at complex junctions like ports, rail, tunnels, and industrial facilities.

Our barrier gate or boom barriers portfolio includes Entrée Gates, Parking Barriers, Toll Gates, and Traffic Barriers. Our barrier gates can be integrated with RFID card reading, vehicle discovery systems and sensors to recognise vehicles and stop rogue or tailgating entries.

Stebilex Systems is a leading dealer for boom barriers in the Sharjah, UAE and the broader Middle East. Get the right solution for your ability at great prices from us, talk to our product team today.

Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier for markers and traffic barriers in the region. Get the right solution for your skill at great prices from us, talk to our creation team today.

BFT gate barrier maintenance in Sharjah,UAE

In Sharjah, UAE, maintaining BFT gate barriers involves a comprehensive approach to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. Regular inspections are crucial, checking for any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. Cleaning the gate barrier and its components regularly, keeping them free from dust and debris, helps maintain smooth operation. Lubricating moving parts such as hinges and rollers ensures they function smoothly. Electrical system maintenance is also essential, with checks for loose connections, damaged wires, and stable power supply. Testing safety features like sensors and emergency stop buttons is imperative to prevent accidents. Software updates should be applied promptly for bug fixes and security patches.

Automate Your World Effortlessly

Nice is a specialist in the gate automation space with the finest expertise in designing world-class automation solutions for residential and profitable facilities. The brand lets you control your world effortlessly with its intelligent & easy to use products.

Easily Automate Swing Gates

Make your life more relaxed and easy by automating your swing gates with a bright automation system from Nice. It lets you open and close your heavy gates at the convenience of a click.

Featured products

HoppM-Fab 24VToona 24 VWalkyWingoKit 4024/5024

Control Sliding Gates Remotely

Open and close sliding gates at the suitability of a click with Nice automation products. All are designed intuitively to help you save time and make your stuff more secure.

Featured products

RobusRunRun Hi-Speed

Operate Garage Doors Conveniently

Help the garage door open and close on its own with Nice intelligent automation solutions. The products are engineered wholly to make the process fast, convenient, and hassle-free.

Nice Pioneer in Designing Intelligent Gate, Garage Door and Barrier Automation Systems in Sharjah, UAE

Nice is well-known for building easy-to-use, intelligent products in the safety, automation, and smart home space.

Nice Pioneer in Designing Intelligent Gate, Garage Door and Barrier Automation Systems in Sharjah, UAE

The brand specializes in designing a simple, yet redefining range of products right from swing gates, sliding gates & garage doors automation systems to road barriers, alarm systems, control systems, and Yubii – a perfect smart home automation solution.

Started with humble beginnings in 1993, today the Nice group serves its customers in over 100 countries with the help of 14 production plants, 13 R&D centers, and a family of 2300 purpose-driven innovators.