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Panasonic Phone System


By developing and creating an extensive portfolio of high quality hardware and software products are tailored to middle eastern and specifically UAE region we are taking a highly specialised approach to providing complete integrated business solutions in your sector.
The Panasonic HD Visual Communications System is a new visual communication tool that is clearly different from previous videoconference systems. High image quality, high sound quality, and a stable connection have been achieved both with intranets and the Internet, enabling easy, comfortable communication between remote locations. The technologies that Panasonic has accumulated from its AV devices serve as the core of this system
The NAT Traversal Service lets you easily construct a communication environment without any complicated router settings. The service offers economical operation by using an Internet connection. Plus, 7-digit terminal ID can be selected. In contrast to conventional IP addresses, this terminal ID number (connection number) can be accessed with the same ease as dialing a phone number. Encrypted communication ensures safe Internet use

No Complicated Network System

Because this service is based on a Panasonic server, it doesn’t require a VPN or other private network like ordinary videoconference systems do. You also do not need to make any complicated network settings, so system set-up is quick and easy.

Connect With outside Clients

Service subscribers can connect to each other from inside or outside the company, so business communication with clients and others is possible without any travelling.

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