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Biometric security

Imagine walking into a futuristic building in Sharjah, where every entrance is guarded by state-of-the-art biometric security systems. These cutting-edge devices scan your unique fingerprint or iris patterns, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas. The Biometric Security technology used in these systems is so advanced that it can accurately identify individuals within seconds, making traditional keycards and passwords seem outdated and insecure. As you glide through the secure checkpoints with ease, you can’t help but feel like a character straight out of a sci-fi movie, living in a world where high-tech protection is the norm. This level of security not only ensures the safety of occupants but also adds an element of excitement to everyday routines. Welcome to the future of safeguarding in Sharjah!

Simple and foolproof identification and authentication with Biometric security for smart access control in Sharjah

Simple and foolproof identification and authentication with biometrics for smart access control

Stebilex Systems supplies the most innovative and highest quality biometrics solutions in the from world-leading brands to provide smart access control and time and attendance for today’s digital workplace. We provide a wide variety of biometric readers, controllers and time and attendance systems that offer both contact-based and contactless biometrics solutions that efficiently read a fingerprint, face or/and iris.

Biometric solutions optimize security because they are impossible to fake. Our biometric access solution in Sharjah, UAE from IDEMIA, Iris ID, VirDI and Suprema are multi-biometric, multi-credential reading machines that are ideal for both small offices and large multinational facilities to manage access and for enrolment and identity authentication purposes.

Biometric security Access Control Terminals in Sharjah

We provide biometric scanners for admission control to facilities, or office computers, and desktop requests offering exceptional convenience and the highest level of security. Our biometric Security depots are easily configurable with many access management platforms.

Biometric security Access Control Terminals in Sharjah

Portable Biometric security Solutions in Sharjah


Our biometric tablets from reading brands feature live & fake fingerprint detection (LFD) and multispectral response imaging. The biometric tablets are used for enrolment and identification, as well as an access control device. Our leading biometric tablets come from original brands with IDEMIA and VirDI.


In Sharjah, businesses are increasingly turning to Biometric Security Time Attendance Solutions to streamline their workforce management processes. These innovative systems utilize advanced biometric technology to accurately record employee attendance, eliminating the need for manual time tracking and reducing the risk of errors or inaccuracies. By implementing {keyword}, companies in Sharjah can effectively monitor employee punctuality, reduce instances of buddy punching, and improve overall operational efficiency. Additionally, these solutions offer real-time reporting capabilities, allowing managers to easily track employee attendance patterns and make informed decisions based on reliable data. With the rise of remote work arrangements and flexible scheduling options, Biometric Time Attendance Solutions provide a secure and convenient way for businesses in Sharjah to manage their workforce while ensuring compliance with labor regulations.


Biometric Punching Machine &
CCTV Camera in Sharjah

For biometric punching machines and CCTV cameras in Sharjah, you can try several options. Here’s a guide to help you:

  1. Electronic and Security System Stores: There are several stores in Sharjah specializing in electronic and security systems. Some of them offer biometric punching machines and CCTV cameras. You can try:
    1. Sharjah Security Systems: Located in Industrial Area 6, Sharjah. They provide various security solutions including CCTV cameras. Al Aqili Group: They have branches across the UAE, including Sharjah, and offer a range of electronic and security solutions.
    Online Retailers: You can also explore online retailers based in the UAE. Websites like (now,, or Sharaf DG offer a wide range of electronic devices, including biometric systems and CCTV cameras.
  2. Security System Installation Companies: There are companies that specialize in installing security systems. They often offer consultations to assess your needs and provide tailored solutions. Some of them also sell equipment directly. You can try: Al Shiraa Enterprises: They provide comprehensive security solutions and have offices in Sharjah.
  3. Magnum Security Services: Based in Sharjah, they offer security solutions and may also provide equipment.
  4. Local Marketplaces: Explore local markets or industrial areas in Sharjah where you might find vendors selling security equipment. While this option requires more legwork, you might find some good deals.

Remember to check for warranties, installation services, and customer reviews before making a purchase. Also, ensure that the products comply with local regulations and standards.