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In Sharjah, there is a notable demand for public address systems, which are extensively utilized for voice transmission, music playback, and alarm announcements. These systems typically comprise components such as amplifiers, microphones, and loudspeakers, enabling effective communication in various settings across the city. Whether it’s for public spaces, events, educational institutions, or commercial establishments, implementing a reliable public address system can significantly enhance communication clarity and reach in Sharjah.

Improve Your Events with Premium Public Address Systems inSharjah, UAE

Unlock the power of seamless announcement at your events with top-notch Public Address Systems (PAS) available in Dubai, UAE. Our cutting-edge products redefine the auditory experience, guaranteeing crystal-clear sound transmission and unmatched reliability. Our extensive range of PAS products caters to diverse needs, from corporate functions to entertainment events. Discover the perfect solution that effortlessly integrates with your supplies. Whether  you’re hosting a session, concert, or public g athering, our PAS systems guarantee optimal presentation.


A Public Addressing (PA) system is a combination group of Microphones, Mixing-Amplifier Solutions, and many Loudspeakers. Public Addressing systems play an significant role in relaying public statements and critical messages in hospitals, parks, public areas, factories, schools, shopping malls, offices, etc. More than safety and security reasons, the PA system is a highly recommended solution for each public area for effectively communicating with a larger crowd.


Background Music System (bmeuae System) is normally installed to create and deliver a sound or music which can offer a pleasant atmosphere at places including Hotel Lobbies, Airports, Cinema Halls, Corporate Companies, etc. A nice BGM installation can create a soothing effect for the visitors and it upscale the mood of the public. In contrast with PA systems, systems will normally be using surface or flush-mounted speakers.

Key Advantages of Public Address System:

  • Reduced and easy maintenance
  • Simple, reduced and economical field cabling
  • Trouble-free system
  • Give to connect the loudspeakers at a longer distance
  • Modular architecture
  • Flexibility to shape the system for the present need with enough provision for future expansion
  • Connectivity of P A organization with the EPABX System
  • Monitoring the health of all associated gear in the PA System
  • Call care chime tome prior to all announcements
  • The facility of linking emergency siren over the paging channel
  • No use of AC Power source in the field
  • The highest priority for control desk paging
  • Bass and Treble control to custom-tailor the incidence response, for poor acoustic or highly noisy environments
  • LED Bar chart in dB scale to read the comparative power
  • Delivery of audio signal through buffered O/P

Best public address system in Sharjah UAE

When it comes to public address systems in Sharjah, UAE, there is a diverse range of top companies offering quality solutions for various needs. Novanod Information Technologies LLC and Metallic Equipment Co are among the reputable firms providing advanced public address systems tailored to different settings such as educational institutions, commercial spaces, and events. Their expertise in delivering reliable and efficient systems makes them stand out as top choices for those seeking the best public address solutions in Sharjah.

Best public address system in Sharjah UAE

Public Address System in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & UAE

Our comprehensive Public Address System solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and across the UAE. We offer top-of-the-line PA Speakers, PA Amplifiers, Counter Interaction Mics, Megaphones, and Voice Evacuation Systems, along with a range of Peripherals to enhance and support your setup. Whether for commercial, industrial, or public spaces, our systems ensure clear, reliable, and effective communication. Trust us to provide you with the best PA system tailored to your specific requirements. Ensuring your message is always heard loud and clear.